Channing & Bryan’s Exquisite St. Augustine Wedding Album
February 10th, 2016

Today, we’re proud to share a few of our favorite spreads from Channing and Bryan’s wedding album.  This couple is a special one as we have known them for many years.  Paul works with Channing often with commercial photography projects and we’ve had the honor of photographing their families throughout the years.  When we arrived on the wedding day, we sincerely felt like friends and guests, more than just their photographers.  That’s a testament to how wonderful this couple and their families are!

This beautiful day started out at Bryan’s family’s lovely home on the coast of St. Augustine.  The doors and windows were open and we could hear the sound of the ocean while NINE bridesmaids plus all the adorable little ones got ready.  It was definitely a party!  We must say, Channing is blessed with an incredible group of close girl friends, plus you can’t ask for a more loving and close family than Bryan’s.  The joy was evident throughout the entire day and it absolutely shows in their images.

003-004 005-006Weddings-in-St-Augustine 009-010 011-012

This was such a tender moment with Channing and her mother.  Paul photographed the delicate silhouette while I (Kristin) was tucked back in the corner capturing the moment that happened right after, shown below.  This was such a sweet interaction that just begged for its own spread.  Channing teased us a little about how much we love the sweet and tender moments… laughing that it wouldn’t be natural or easy for her to do.  I disagree!  We gently guided the veil going on and Channing softened for a brief moment.  But then the laughs came instantly after and we loved every minute of it!  To digress briefly, brides sometimes worry when they look at other couple’s images that they either can’t act that way or they worry their photographer will make them act that way.  I encourage new brides to consider that your moments and personality are unique. Your images will look like YOU and your story.  Our job is to make you feel comfortable and be in the right place at the right time.  That’s when magic happens.


015-016 019-020Oldest-House-St-Augustine-2 031-032 035-036

Channing and Bryan’s ceremony was at The Oldest House in downtown St. Augustine.  They said their vows under a majestic oak tree. The gardens that surround are incredibly lovely and we were able to photograph in several beautiful locations all within easy walking distance. The house and the gardens are both historical landmarks.  It’s truly an incredible place. Plus, it’s a short walk to the water so we were able to capture the organic charm of the ceremony, then head to water and spend some time having fun with their wedding party. 037-038 043-044 047-048 051-052 053-054 055-056Weddings-in-St-Augustine-1Treasury-St-Augustine

The reception was a newer venue in St. Augustine called The Treasury on the Plaza.  It was built in the 1920’s and was originally St. Augustine’s town bank, hence the vault.  Now, they’ve transformed it into a high end wedding venue that boasts eight towering columns, marble floors and incredible architectural detail.  Paul had a ball playing with lights and figuring out how to showcase this amazing space in the most beautiful way.  And yes, what you see above is the bar inside the vault!071-072 073-074Treasury-St-Augustine

Channing and Bryan were honeymooning in Italy, so they a keepsake Italian travel book where they had guests sign.  What a treasure that will be years to come!075-076 077-078 079-080

Channing and Bryan, thank you for giving us the honor of capturing your beautiful wedding day.  We adore you and your families and are grateful to have you in our lives.  You know I’ll be ready and waiting for newborn pictures… someday… hopefully soon.  :)


Venue: The Treasury on the Plaza

Event Coordinator: Coastal Celebrations

Videographer: Center Peace Cinemas

Florist: Jade Violet Wedding Florist

Cake Artist: Sweet Weddings Cakes

Caterer: Culinary Outfitters


This is a Special Weekend…
February 8th, 2016

Yes, this weekend is special for many because it’s a day for love…. Valentine’s Day is fun and exciting and I love that it gives us a push to do something sweet for our loved ones.  But this weekend we’ll be celebrating something else very special.  We’ll head to Jacksonville for the Run with Donna Breast Cancer Marathon.  Saturday morning Paul and Alyson, a member of the Footstone team, will be running the 5k.  Our little one, Win, will be running the Family Fun 1 mile Run, then Sunday, I (Kristin) will be running the half marathon.  I’ve run this race before, but more because I had heard it was an amazing atmosphere with bands and big crowds cheering… admittedly, not as much for purpose of the race.  This year, I have a new perspective.  Two of my good friends are battling breast cancer.  One is my past bride, Kelly, who has now become one of my dearest friends.  I didn’t ask permission to share my other friend’s name on the blog, but I’ll wear both names on my back as I run.  Even though there’s obviously no good age to battle cancer, these two women are way too young to have to deal with this struggle.  I pray for them both daily.  They are strong and beautiful and I am honored to know them.

Donna Deegan, a 3 time breast cancer survivor, founded the organization in 2003 and has since donated more than $4 million to research and support to women battling this disease. It’s an emotional run as you read the backs of runners shirts that say their running for a “fighter”, a “survivor” or “in loving memory of”.  Thousands will run to celebrate those living and lost to breast cancer.

My dear friend, Angela, will be coming down from Atlanta for the race. This will be her very first half marathon.  She is running in honor of her sister, who sadly did not survive cancer.  I’m so proud of her and can’t wait to spend this weekend with her and her family. I think next year we should create a Footstone team and anyone who wants to join us can.  If you’re interested, shoot us an email and we’ll keep you in the loop.Run with Donna



Professional Photographer’s of America Recap of Imaging USA
February 5th, 2016

We’re so excited to show you this little sneak peek of what Imaging USA was like this year!  Thousands of photographers from all over the country came to learn and be inspired.  Watch the video below and you might see some people you know. 😉

This event is a MUST for all photographers.  Email us for more details being a member and why we love PPA so much!


We’re going to tease you today…
February 4th, 2016

Don’t you want to be this couple?  Well, you can… some of you already know the inside scoop, others are wondering what in the world we’re talking about.  Stay tuned for more details. :)

Footstone in Italy 2


Amber and Justin’s Wedding Album
February 2nd, 2016

You may remember how excited we were to post Amber and Justin’s beautiful Thomas Center wedding, and now we’re even more excited to share some spreads from their beautiful album!

If you know anything about us, you know we’re obsessed with our GraphiStudio albums.  Amber chose the acrylic cover to showcase this first image and an elegant cream leather for the spine and back cover.  Notice the soft texture we added to the cover image so that it almost looks like Amber and Justin are three-dimensional.  As your scroll, you’ll see how our design aesthetic is to keep it simple because the images are worthy of standing alone.  Plus, it reads like a story… every spread is a moment of Amber and Justin’s day.

000Amber&Justin Album Cover Amber&Justin 005-006Amber&Justin 009-010Amber&Justin 015-016

Paul and I (Kristin) make sure we photograph this moment below from the same side so on your album spread you are facing each other.  Such a simple thing, but it makes a huge difference on the impact of this spread.  And in my opinion, nothing else but these two images belong together.  That a moment that deserves it’s own spread.  :) Amber&Justin 019-020Amber&Justin 025-026

When we’re designing, we’re careful to consider “rest” and white space.  These are both equally as important to design as the images are.  If every spread of an album is crowded with small busy images, your eye gets overwhelmed and starts to skim.  That’s tragic!  No skimming allowed!  After we have a few spreads with multiple images, typically no more than four, we add it one beautiful stand alone image on a spread all by itself.  Your eye breaths and you stay engaged in the story.

For some of you, you just know it’s beautiful but have no idea why.  For those who are designers or photographers, you speak this language!Amber&Justin 027-028Amber&Justin 031-032Amber&Justin 033-034BAmber&Justin 037-038Amber&Justin 045-046

Wondering what this spread is above?  The Thomas Center has windows in the ceiling which are fun to play with.  This is Amber’s first dance with her dad and Justin’s first dance with his mom, photographed in the reflection of the ceiling.
Amber&Justin 047-048

On a reception spread, we’re perfectly fine grouping together multiple moments within one spread.  We use tight spacing for a more modern look at make sure there is ample white space to frame the images.  Notice there is also a little more white space on the bottom so that the images don’t feel like they’re “falling off” the bottom of the page. Like a framer leaves the mat wider at the bottom of a portrait, same rule should apply in print design. Amber&Justin 051-052 Amber&Justin 053-054 Amber&Justin 055-056

We love to end the book with one beautiful image.  Often, it’s just the rings to signify the beginning of the new life.  For Amber, Justin’s hand on her back with his new wedding ring was the perfect way to end the story of their day.  For photographers reading this post, please feel free to reach out and ask questions about how we design and/or photograph for our albums.  We’re always willing to share and encourage.  For brides, we can’t wait to create your wedding masterpiece. • 352.562.3066


Newborn Love
February 1st, 2016

There’s nothing quite like photographing a precious newborn. Paul has a special way with little ones – he always has.  I (Kristin) just love watching him wrap up, gently position, and speak softly with a newborn baby.  It takes me back to when our two boys were just as tiny and needing the same kind of gentle nurturing.  I miss this stage! But I got my baby fix with Teresa and Jeremy’s precious baby girl, Reagan.  :)

When a family walks in with a newborn, it changes our studio in an instant.  Everyone starts to speak a little quieter, we’re moving gently and slowly, plus we’re a slightly giggly with joy of having an hour with this precious little one. Reagan was a dream to photograph, and is already a heart snatcher!

Teresa picked out the coral and ivory bows to match Reagan’s nursery.  When I saw them, I knew I wanted to use our white rosette blanket.  Reagan took a little time to fall asleep, which is sometimes just how it goes.  We try to encourage our parents, who may get nervous at this point in the session, that often with newborns we spend more time swaddling and rocking then we do photographing.  But once we have them asleep, lots of beautiful things happen very quickly!

These were 3 of my favorite portraits of Reagan.  They now hang in the living room of Jeremy and Teresa’s home.  One is a beautiful canvas and the other two we framed with soft gold textured frames.

TeresaYork1TeresaYork3 TeresaYork2 Teresa and Jeremy, thank you for giving us the honor of capturing these sweet newborn moments of Reagan’s life.  We cherish these moments maybe most of all, because they are so fleeting and yet some of the sweetest we ever get to experience.


Technically Glamorous
January 29th, 2016

I’m going to dive into one of my favorite images from a recent session, so pardon me (Paul) for getting technical…

When Ella came in for her senior session, and the fabulous MUA Kara Winslow was wrapping up this glamorous look on her, I knew that a beauty light set up was needed. I love to get crazy with lighting, but sometimes less is more. Keeping it simple, I used a 5 foot octabox directly in front of her, over my head. I knew the octabox would give me the shape I was looking for on her face, but I added a white reflector underneath to fill in some of the shadows to keep a soft look in the image. The softbox did a beautiful job of gently carving out her cheekbones and jawline, and added a great highlight on her lips. Her hair frames her face and keeps your eyes bouncing between her eyes and lips as you look at the image.



Camera is a Canon 5D MKIII, 70-200 lens, shot at F/5 and ISO 400.

The image is simple and beautiful, which is what I love about it.


A Charming Okeechobee Wedding in a Spectacular Italian-Made Album
January 28th, 2016

On a beautifully overcast day, Maria and Jake joined their lives forever and we had the absolute honor of being a part of it. This wedding was special because it was in my (Kristin’s) hometown, Okeechobee, Florida.  When Maria first sent us an email, she said her soon-to-be sister in law, Shannon, had recommended us.  Shannon and I had gone to high school together, played softball together and I was incredibly honored that she’d refer us.

When Paul and I woke up the morning of the wedding, the skies were dark and it was pouring rain.  While the ceremony was in Sacred Heart Catholic Church, the reception was outdoors on private property.  And beautiful property that we absolutely wanted to be able to enjoy!  Prayers started, I’m sure by not just us.  It rained all morning and continued while Paul and I loaded our gear and headed to the church.  Then, literally, the skies cleared the moment Maria arrived.  The rest of the day was perfectly overcast and slightly windy… Maria finally breathed.

Wedding-Day-Make-UpMaria-Rodriguez-Stunning-Church-Wedding-004 Maria-Rodriguez-Stunning-Church-Wedding-007Southern-Weddings-3Maria-Rodriguez-Stunning-Church-Wedding-009 Maria-Rodriguez-Stunning-Church-Wedding-010Maria-Rodriguez-Stunning-Church-Wedding-022 Maria-Rodriguez-Stunning-Church-Wedding-011

We just LOVE an exuberant first kiss as husband and wife!  Way to pull her in, Jake!Southern-Weddings-7Maria-Rodriguez-Stunning-Church-Wedding-012SouthernWeddings-1Bridesmaids-DressesThere wasn’t a drop of rain all day until right when we finished photographing Maria and Jake and their wedding party after the ceremony.  We had a pretty black umbrella on hand, just in case.  We walked just a few steps to capture this snuggly portrait, then headed straight to their reception.  When we looked at the radar that night, there were literally storms circling us completely.  Now that’s a halo of protection. :) SouthernWeddings-2Southern-Weddings-4Maria-Rodriguez-Stunning-Church-Wedding-019 Maria-Rodriguez-Stunning-Church-Wedding-023Southern-Weddings-6 Maria-Rodriguez-Stunning-Church-Wedding-026Maria-Rodriguez-Stunning-Church-Wedding-014

The photography process is actually only beginning once the wedding is complete!  Then we get started on the best part, designing the album.  Maria wanted a timeless and classy album that still reflected the southern charm of their wedding.  She chose a varnished cover, which is painted metal that we can custom engrave. I (Kristin) must admit that when we designed the cover using Maria’s lace pattern, I thought GraphiStudio would sent it back saying there’s no way they could engrave such an intricate design… I waited for the email or phone call, but it never came!  When the album delivered, I gasped.  No matter how many albums we create, each one takes my breath away once I unwrap it for the first time.

Maria wanted her album display box to feature their monogram that was also displayed behind the sweetheart table at the wedding.  She chose grey brilliant linen for the material with a soft pink ribbon to match her overprinting.  Delivering this album was a true honor.  Thank you Maria and Jake for allowing us to capture your beautiful day and then to tell your story in this exquisite book.  Congratulations and we wish you the best and greatest joy in your life together!

GraphiStudio-Album-1 GraphiStudio-Album-2 GraphiStudio-Album-3

Florist: Flower Petals • Hair Stylist: Bad Apple Salon • Caterer: Mullis Meat Makin’ • Rentals: One Stop Party Shop


A Fall Family Session
January 27th, 2016

The most incredible and special parts of our jobs is that once we connect with a client, often times they become life long friends.  Lauren and Mike were once a Footstone bride and groom and now we’ve had the honor of photographing them for the past 4 years, including now their precious baby boy, James. We consider it a privilege to capture moments like these.

Don’t miss Lauren’s idea for a modern and minimalist Christmas card at the bottom of the post.  We printed it on beautiful watercolor paper that had a soft matte finish and subtle texture.  It’s always fun to get to design something a little different!
McDonald1McDonald-Christmas-0018 McDonald2McDonaldChristmasCard copy

Lauren and Mike, thank you for allowing us to capture this sweet milestone and the love your family exudes!  May 2016 be a blessed one for your family!



Make Up Tips & Tricks TONIGHT!
January 25th, 2016

Wedding Day Make UpThis workshop has become a biannual event for us!  The amazingly talented Kara Winslow demonstrates how she applies flawless wedding day make up that brings out a bride’s best features in a natural way.  This year Allure Bridal Boutique will be hosting the event. Plus, Keith Watson Events and Dream Day Cakes will be joining us!

Get inspired, educated and treated to a complimentary and fun night!  We’ll start at 6:30pm with drinks and appetizers.  Brides, you can bring one guest too.  Email us at or call 352.562.3066 to see if there are still seats available.  Allure’s address is 6450 SW Archer Rd #230, Gainesville, FL 32608.

Hope to see you tonight!